celebrity trivia Trump's Bizarre Diet Is Basically What A Five-Year-Old Would Eat  

Donn Saylor
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Q: What do you call someone who wants to eat junk and fast food around the clock, throws a hissy fit if that food isn't delivered hot and perfect, and has weird eating rituals and habits?

A: No, not a young child, but the current President of the United States.

The facts about Donald Trump's diet are in some ways as surprising as every week of his presidency. In other ways, they are absolutely galling; his is the diet of a child left unchecked.

His bizarre diet mirrors a lot of the more bizarre things that Trump's done. He claims to be a billionaire (but without seeing his tax returns, we'll never know for sure) and his homes are filled with gold facades, crystal chandeliers, and high-pile carpet. The president's food choices, though, are hardly glamorous. Is his diet a ruse to make die-hard disciples believe that, while he's rich, he's also a man of the people? Perhaps. However, Donald Trump's favorite foods could likely be another indication that this man is unfit: unfit for office, unfit for good health and unfit for his clothing.

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He Orders Two Big Macs (And More) At McDonald's

A president enjoying an occasional trip to McDonald's is not necessarily a reason for alarm, nor is it even highly unusual. After all, Bill Clinton enjoyed McDonald's long before his health-conscious vegan days. But Clinton was probably not clearing out the whole fryer with his orders. Apparently, when Trump goes to Mickey D's, he orders two Big Macs and two Filet-O-Fish sandwiches. Oh, but that's not all. He also orders a "chocolate malted." 

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He Eats Pizza With A Knife And Fork

Donald Trump's fondness for eating junky food with a knife and fork isn't limited to fried chicken. It seems that he eats pizza with a knife and fork, too (after separating the toppings from the crust). After a pizza dinner with Sarah Palin, the press took note of how Trump utilized his eating utensils, since most people don't need cutlery for the dish.

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He Doesn't Eat Hamburger Buns


According to Trump's former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, the President's fast food habits weren't a matter of concern. Why? Because he "never ate the bread, which is the important part." As if Big Macs are healthy other than the buns.

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He Doesn't Drink

In what is arguably Trump's most normal culinary choice, he doesn't drink. He doesn't partake in alcohol or coffee though he sure loves Diet Coke. The abstinence could stem from an aversion that began because of his brother's struggles with alcoholism but it may be one of his most redeemable qualities.