18 Incredibly Weird Tumblr Subcultures You've Never Heard About

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The Internet is a beautiful place that is home to a vast array of bizarre subreddits, weird YouTube videos, and - perhaps the greatest of them all - weird Tumblr tags. There’s nothing more fun than going down a rabbit hole of strange Tumblr subcultures after finishing a bottle of Trader Joe’s pinot noir and exploring the vast world of weird that exists within the CSS that makes up much of the blogging platform.

But what's the weirdest thing on Tumblr? Is it the subculture of people who believe that they have a fictional character living inside their brains? Or is it the group of people who believe that the guys from Supernatural are in a secret relationship and have been sending coded messages about it to their fans? Before we get carried away here, it’s important to remember that what’s weird to you may not be that weird to someone else - but that being said, here are some of the weirdest things on Tumblr.