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10 Of The Strangest Unsolved Heists In History

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When you played cops and robbers as a kid, were you the cop or the robber? These thieves must have always played the robbers; it gave them the experience and practice necessary to pull off some of the world's weirdest unsolved heists. Many of the thieves who got away with these bizarre heists that remain unsolved targeted loot in transit, yet not all of them follow this pattern. Some were in transit themselves, stealing stationary items while whizzing around on motorcycles.  

What does it take to qualify for the weird unsolved heists category at the thievery Olympics? Well, being unsolved would be qualification numero uno, obviously. Beyond that, weirdness is the name of the game. You'll find everything from extremely valuable cheese slicers to truck robberies to a $6 billion dollar war zone jack movie (yeah, that's billion). If nothing else, you'll be left scratching your head at such brazen heists that were actually pulled off. 

  • Thieves Get Serious Cheddar For Platinum Cheese Slicer

    In March 2015, two thieves stole a Boska Holland Cheese Slicer from the Amsterdam Cheese Museum (a totally real institution). Valued at approximately $28,000, the platinum slicer's unrivaled worth lay in an ornament encrusted with 220 diamonds. The culprits stole the slicer during business hours and were caught on tape, but not in life. Not even the reward of the world's largest fondue set (seriously) could rustle up any useful tips.

  • Ax-Wielding Bikers Hack Their Way Through A Jewelry Store

    In November 2012, six bikers descended upon London's Brent Cross Mall on their bikes. Two people rode each bike, one responsible driving, one for hacking into jewelry cases with an ax or a bat. They stole about $3.1 million in watches and diamonds before rolling out. Abandoned motorcycles were found by police, but the burglars were not.

    A witness told The Mirror, "It was like a James Bond film. You just couldn’t believe something like this was happening here. I didn’t have time to be frightened, the whole thing didn’t seem real."

  • That Time $6.6 Billion Went Missing In Iraq

    Yep, that's billion with a "b." In the 2004 kerfluffle of post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, $6.6 billion dropped into the country and was never seen again. Special inspector general for Iraq reconstruction Stuart Bowen couldn't rule out the high probability of theft, but the investigation never garnered any useful leads. The amount of money involved and utter lack of suspects makes this one of the biggest unsolved heists in US history.

  • The Japanese Bank Bomb Bamboozle

    In 1968, a small bank in Japan was overrun with bomb threats made against the manager's house. Security was increased around the manager's home and the bank itself, but when the day of the threatened bombing arrived, no threat was carried out.

    A few days later, the equivalent of about $800,000 was being transported from the bank when the truck was stopped by what appeared to be uniformed officer. Bank employees and security onboard were told that the threat on the house was carried out and the truck was also believed to be a target. The man looked under the truck and, quite suddenly, smoke and flames spewed forth, causing everyone but the "officer" to flee on foot.

    The disguised robber hopped into the truck and drove away, never to be seen again.