Weirdly Interesting So Sperm Smoothies And Facials Are A Thing Now...  

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People have seemingly tried everything when it comes to health and beauty regimens, but every once in a while they decide to try something a little more taboo that shocks the rest of the population. There have been dimple machines, X-rays for hair removal, and ingesting tape worms, to name a few. One strange trend that has been popping up in recent years? Sperm smoothies and sperm facials. Yes, you read that right. Sperm smoothies and facials are a thing.

Women are coming out and preaching the benefits of consuming sperm and using it in facial treatments. After all, that sticky substance does actually contain proteins, vitamins, and minerals. Tracy Kiss created this YouTube video to showcase how she uses sperm in her beauty routine, with claims that it helps treat her rosacea. But should you really eat sperm, or slather it all over your face? There's not a ton of scientific research that says you can't but, of course, it's really a personal decision.

While some people may praise semen for its supposed health benefits and use it in a variety of ways, doctors believe this bizarre trend may not be so great. Infections can occur and acne can break out. Mostly, however, whether to use semen in your daily routine is really up to the individual. And so, here are some weird uses for semen. You can decide if it's something you're willing to try.

Why Do People Think Semen Is Good For Your Skin And Health?

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Semen is made up of mostly water with proteins, ascorbic acid (Vitamin C), and zinc. So it's no wonder people believe it can be healthy to consume or use for beauty treatments. After all, it's made up of the things we regularly eat and apply to our faces. Semen is also low in calories and cholesterol. Magnesium and zinc are important minerals people need regularly and semen really is packed with protein. 

One Blogger Claims Semen Facials Help Keep Her Rosacea At Bay

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Lifestyle blogger Tracy Kiss claims that semen facials makes her skin feel softer and help with her rosacea. Apparently, it has also helped her makeup stay on better and balances her skin tone better than any store-bought product. She preached about the benefits in multiple articles on her website and even created a YouTube video showing how she applies the semen to her face. Semen also contains urea, which exfoliates and hydrates the skin, and spermine, an extremely powerful antioxidant that can help reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Be careful, though: according to one scientific study, "under certain conditions[,] spermine may promote DNA strand breakage."

You Can Get A Spermine Facial At A Fancy NYC Spa

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Graceful Services is a spa located in New York and, for the price of $125, they will slather spermine all over your face. The service is an hour long facial treatment called Spermine Nutritive Cream. Spermine is an antioxidant most commonly found in semen, though it can be found in other places, too. So, getting a spermine facial doesn't necessarily mean you'll be getting man goo slathered all over your face, but it's kind of hard to break that association. The spa claims that it has healing properties and can improve collagen production. 

Semen Can Boost Your Mood

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Semen contains not only sperm and other nutrients, but also has compounds such as endorphins, oxytocin, and serotonin. These are some of the hormonal compounds that can make you feel good and happy. They help a woman to bond with her baby or help lovers to feel euphoric with each other. Typically, they would be absorbed vaginally, but the vagina is not the only method of absorbtion. The zinc in semen is also an anti-oxidant, which helps keep the body youthful and healthy.