13 Weird Things You Didn't Know Virtual Reality Was Being Used For

It seems that the number of weird uses for virtual reality is growing by the day. Virtual art, virtual concerts, virtual history, virtual shopping - the list goes on and on. And although most people think of VR as just a fancy new console for video games, there are those who are truly embracing the abilities of this new technology in inventive and completely unexpected ways.

With the power to insert a real person into a virtual world of your own design comes the power to play God. What kind of world do you want to make for them? What experiences should you bestow upon them? Do you want to reanimate a dead historical figure for teaching purposes? Or would you put them into the middle of a war zone, and see if they have what it takes to be a soldier? The possibilities are truly limitless.

Let's take a dive into virtual waters and explore some of the strangest ways VR is being used.