15 Completely Bonkers Ways People Used To Try To Control The Gender Of Their Baby

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For thousands of years, men and women have wanted to control the sex of their babies. Just like there were weird ways to test for pregnancy, there were all kinds of ways to determine the gender of a baby during pregnancy. Kings like Henry VIII wanted sons to ensure their royal lineage, and merchants wanted to avoid too many daughters so they didn't go broke because of rising dowry costs. Not surprisingly, most of these crazy theories about determining gender were about having a boy. 

These methods for how to know the gender of the baby during pregnancy at home used a lot of common objects: bananas, parsley, and bread, for example. But some of the ways people tried to determine gender were pretty crazy, like eating rabbits' unmentionables or even chopping off a man’s right nad. 

All of these home remedies to know the gender of a baby required dedication, from rubbing a woman with goose grease to testing the winds before conception. Some even advised getting it on right before a woman’s period