Weird Ways Cultures Predict If a Baby Will Be a Boy or a Girl

In modern times, a pregnant woman who wishes to know the sex of her baby will simply get an ultrasound and have the doctor tell her. But ultrasounds, of course, haven’t been around for as long as humanity has been reproducing. Historical sex prediction traditions and methods have been around for ages.

Droplets of a mother’s milk or rings dangled over her belly were said by some cultures to be the key. Other sex prediction methods are the world require the careful observation of an expectant mother’s behavior or appearance, peering into her eyes (and the circle beneath them) or observing the way she walks. While most of these methods are total bunk, a lot of them retained their power and spread all over the world for a simple reason: statistically, there’s a 50 percent chance that it’ll be right!

Plus, most of them—with the exception of peeing into a potentially dangerous chemical—are totally harmless for the mother and child, so why not have a bit of fun? Some of these ways different cultures predict the sex of a baby are strange, some are quirky, and all of them shed a unique light of their respective cultures. So check out these different ways to predict if a baby is a boy or a girl and leave a comment if you've heard of another method.