The 24 Weirdest Wedding Traditions and Superstitions

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When the stakes are as high as "'til death do you part," you're better off knowing and avoiding the weird wedding superstitions that come with each unique ceremony. While it's smart to stay safe and abide by tradition, this list rounds up some of the silly wedding traditions out there.

Did you know that finding a spider in your wedding dress is actually good luck? Or that when it comes to setting a date, Saturdays are the worst possible choice? Don't let these weird wedding traditions stress you out, Bridezilla. Instead, vote up the ones you think are flat out ridiculous and keep them in mind on your wedding day.
  • Don't Let Friends Try on Your Engagement Ring
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    Don't Let Friends Try on Your Engagement Ring

    The Engagement Ring Bible warns not to let anyone else try on your engagement ring. If you do let others try it on, there's a chance your wedding will never happen because "the person who tried it on will steal all the happiness and luck from the bride – as well as the heart of her husband." 
  • The Bride Should Stand to the Groom's Left
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    The Bride Should Stand to the Groom's Left

    As The Knot reveals that in Christian wedding ceremonies, the bride traditionally stood to the groom’s left so her future husband could fight off other suitors with his right hand. But what if your man is left-handed? Uh oh.
  • Don't See Each Other Before the Ceremony
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    Don't See Each Other Before the Ceremony

    Back when marriage was a loveless business transaction, the groom and the bride weren't allowed to see each other prior to the ceremony. According to Bridal Guide, parents of the bride were worried that the groom would see their daughter, and instantly back out of the business deal, resulting in a loss of money.
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    Don't Use Your Married Name Before the Wedding

    Lovestruck fiancées can't wait to take their future husband's last name, but CNN revealed it's actually bad luck to ditch the maiden names before the wedding. After all, what if something goes wrong and the wedding doesn't even happen?