15 Maniacal World War II Plans That Never Came to Fruition  

start slideshow Phil Gibbons

World War II precipitated many amazing military operations and feats, yet also gave birth a number of totally hair brained and completely insane schemes you've probably never heard of before. Some truly amazing WWII operations that never happened were dreamed up by the (perhaps demented?) minds of the upper echelon of Allied and Axis military powers. These strange WW2 operations that didn't happen involved everything from pigeon-guided missiles to bombs designed to release bats, which sounds like Bruce Wayne's worst nightmare, but in the grand scheme of the tremendous chaos and tragedy of World War Two, ultimately seems a little tame (if not batsh*t f*cking insane). 

The number of stories shoved every-which-way in the annals of World War 2 history is frankly staggering. You could study the conflict for a lifetime and still not know everything there is to know. If you're curious about some of the lesser-known and never-realized plans of the Second World War, read on. A number of weird WWII missions lay ahead.