The Weirdest Archaeological Discoveries of 2016

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With a tradition of archaeology stretching back several thousand years, one might think that all the interesting stuff out there has already been dug up and analyzed by this point. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth. The sheer scope of human history, not to mention prehistory, has ensured that there is a continual supply of new and interesting discoveries to be made for those willing to dig for them. No matter the year, there are always new finds that teach us something new, make us re-evaluate history, or just leave us scratching our heads.

2016 was no different than any other year. Archaeological digs occurred all over the world, and some of the results were truly bizarre. While each of the entries on this list is an important discovery in its own right, and likely contributes to our understanding of human history in some way, the focus is squarely on the weirdest things found in 2016.