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Trisha Hershberger
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Everyone knows that all humans (including famous celebrities) have bellybuttons, but did you know that ninety percent of people have an innie? While outies can be considered weird, so can innies that are too deep. Vote up the weirdest celebrity bellybuttons below and click through the list to discover which hot celeb doesn't even have one. Now that's weird.

According to a University of Helsinki researcher Aki Sinkkonen, most people tend to like bellybuttons that are T-shaped, or oval and vertical. So where does that leave these one of a kind midriffs? Is an oval-shaped innie necessary to have a sexy midriff? Some people have even suggested that the navel can tell us things about ourselves, like how fertile a woman may be or how fast a person can run.

So show off that sexy midriff and don't feel ashamed if you have an unusual bellybutton of your own, because these celebrities have one of a kind bellybuttons that are definitely the weirdest. And remember, whether you have a weird or normal bellybutton, always be sure to clean the lint out.
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The 15 Weirdest Looking Celebrity Bellybuttons