The Weirdest Demons Who Will Corrupt Your Soul, If You Let Them

Demons are terrifying creatures. They're known for corrupting human souls, tempting them with false promises and outright manipulation, but that's not all they can do – some strange demons are also downright weird. There are enough references to demons, both as corrupters and possessors, in religions around the world that some of them are bound to be a little kooky.

That they have strange tactics for demonic soul corruption makes them no less frightening, however – the weirdest demons are still demons, after all. And, though their methods might be unusual, it's probably still best to stay away from them lest you see your soul corrupted, not because you've been manipulated, but because you've been lulled into a false sense of security. Just like their nightmarish demon brethren, it's probably best to laugh at this batch of strange demons from afar.


  • Belphegor Will Taunt You With Inventions

    Belphegor Will Taunt You With Inventions
    Photo: J.A.S. Collin de Plancy / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Belphegor has a unique approach to corruption – he tends to approach people in the guise of a young girl and tempts them with wealth, often by promising that their invention or innovation will reap great rewards. As one of the seven princes of Hell, he embodies the Cardinal Sin of sloth by promising quick riches with little work.

    Belphegor appears in the Bible, in Numbers 25:3 to be precise, as the "Baal of Peor," a god worshipped by the Moabites. He's also depicted on the toilet with quite a sour look on his face. According to some traditions, Belphegor is worshipped as a phallus; according to others, he is worshipped on the toilet, with whatever ends up in the bowl being offerings to him. Yikes. 

  • Phenex Might Sing You A Nice Song During An Exorcism

    Phenex Might Sing You A Nice Song During An Exorcism
    Photo: Aberdeen Bestiary / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    Demons are known for their duplicitous natures, but Phenex takes that a step further. During an exorcism, this demon may take on the figure of a bird (a phoenix, naturally) as well as the charming voice of a young girl. Rather than hurling insults and blaspheming, à la The Exorcist, Phenex prefers to sing a nice song, speak of the wonders of the sciences, and maybe talk poetry. Phenex seems inclined to follow the "you win more flies with honey than vinegar" philosophy, with the flies in this case being human souls. 

  • Balam Will Make You Witty And Invisible

    Balam Will Make You Witty And Invisible
    Photo: Louis Breton / Wikimedia Commons / Public Domain

    When people summon demons, they probably hope to get something out of it. Some demons offer riches, some demons offer power, but Balam offers something unique – wittiness and invisibility. If you just can't land that joke at a party, no worries, because summoning this bad boy will let you turn invisible and ramp up your humor. His three heads include those of a bull, a man, and a ram. He has a serpent's tail and can shoot fire from his eyes. Also, he rides a bear naked, donning a hawk on his wrist and proving he really knows how to party – as do the 40 legions from Hell he has under his command. 

  • Zagan's Wine And Gold Powers Are Pretty Neat

    Zagan's Wine And Gold Powers Are Pretty Neat
    Photo: tdfugere / Pixabay

    Balam's party powers were pretty good, but nobody can beat Zagan, a Great King and President of Hell who can seemingly turn any liquid (or at least blood and water) into wine. He also has the pretty neat trick of being able to turn a substance, such as gold, into a coin of that same substance. To be fair, if you had some gold, you could probably turn it into a coin yourself, but Zagan does it with magic, unlike all those hardworking smiths and minters out there. Why not just sell your gold for some coins, then buy some wine rather than summoning a demon and risking your immortal soul to skip a couple steps?