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The 16 Weirdest Devil Fruit Powers In One Piece, Ranked

December 14, 2020 2.9k votes 408 voters 42k views16 items

The world of One Piece is in no shortage of Devil Fruits and the deadly power they store inside. Devil Fruits come in so many varieties that it’s hard to keep track of all their hidden powers. The strongest Paramecia Devil Fruits will give its eater extraordinary powers like creating shockwaves, while the strongest Logia-type Devil Fruits will bestow incredible elemental powers like lightning to its users. There are also some severely underrated Devil Fruit powers out there, like being able to transform yourself into smoke.

However, there are also Devil Fruit powers out in the Grand Line that are just plain weird. Becoming a giant chicken? Turning into a human soap bubble? Transforming your bazooka into a dog? Well, not every Devil Fruit power can be a winner, but the pirates in One Piece do what they can to make these bizarre powers work in their favor.

  • 1. Jacket-Jacket Fruit

    Among the many outrageous Devil Fruit powers in One Piece, the Jacket-Jacket Fruit (Jake Jake no Mi) might be the most disturbing in concept. It’s a Devil Fruit that transforms the user into a living jacket of human flesh for anyone to wear. Kelly Funk used the Devil Fruit to transform himself into a human jacket and be worn by his brother, Bobby Funk, in order to increase his strength and use his abilities. It’s essentially a physically creepy form of possession.

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  • 2. Wash-Wash Fruit

    How did Tsuru become one of the strongest Marines in the One Piece universe? Why it’s all because of the power of her Devil Fruit known as the Wash-Wash Fruit (Woshu Woshu no Mi). The Wash-Wash Fruit allows this elderly Marine admiral to become a living washing machine and “wash” her enemies away and leave them out to “dry.” With an amazing ability to clean, Tsuru and Kalifa should definitely team up.   

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  • 3. Swim-Swim Fruit

    The biggest disadvantage of eating a Devil Fruit is losing the ability to swim in open water, which, as a pirate sailing the seas, would be a big detriment. However, thanks to the ridiculous power of the Swim-Swim Fruit (Sui Sui no Mi), you can replace traditional swimming with something more… unique. The Swim-Swim Fruit allows the user to swim in the ground or walls, just like Senor Pink did during the Dressrosa Arc. While the result is bizarre, the Swim-Swim Fruit is perfect for getting the drop on unsuspecting enemies, such as breaststroking through the ground beneath them, or dodging attacks by merging through a wall.

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  • 4. Egg-Egg Fruit

    What came first? The chicken or the egg? The answer, of course, is the Egg-Egg Fruit (Tama Tama no Mi). This bizarre Devil Fruit power transforms the user’s body into an actual egg. If cracked, the user can regenerate into a stronger body that has more chicken-like features than before. In the case of Baron Tamago, he went from an egg-shaped man with a giant eggshell on the bottom half of his body to a giant rooster of Foghorn Leghorn proportions. 

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