30 Of The Weirdest DIY Projects We've Ever Seen

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Humans are endlessly inventive. They can take an old chest and turn it into a coffee table that looks kinda okay! But not everyone is a HGTV-worthy craftman. Some people's DIY skills lean towards to the bizarre. In fact, some the things people make are downright chilling and unsettling. Here are some of the strangest DIY projects we've ever seen. You can find more at r/DiWHY. Be sure to vote up your favorites!

  • 1. Honestly Wonderful

    Honestly Wonderful
    Photo: u/flaglerite / Reddit
  • 2. Foam Cabinet

    Foam Cabinet
    Photo: u/pirateanimal / Reddit
  • 3. Honestly Shocking

    Honestly Shocking
    Photo: u/Inotlife / Reddit
  • 4. Terrifying Piano Placement

    Terrifying Piano Placement
    Photo: u/enchantedrosemary / Reddit