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Weirdest & Creepiest Things Sold on eBay

Updated November 13, 2018 383.4k views15 items
As the online marketplace dubbed "The World's Garage Sale," it's no surprise that there are sales of some pretty weird things on eBay. From serial killer memorabilia, to supposedly haunted dolls, to bizarre handmade items and mummified body parts, the list of creepy things on eBay goes on and on. If your home is sorely lacking in spooky, horror movie-inspired items, then this list of some of the weirdest and creepiest things sold on eBay can serve as a buyer's guide for future freaky sales. Have a look, if you dare...
  • Powerful Totem Handcrafted by a White Witch

    Photo: eBay

    Sold by ghostlyencounter45 on October 5, 2011
    Winning bid: $24.95

    Description: "Made in 1948 from a third generational White Witch and she used it in many rituals and seances for to spell cast to help those that seem to be like a owl and cant sleep and have insomnia and up all night. It is a very fragile delicate cute little feller."
  • Haunted Zippy Pinhead Doll

    Photo: eBay

    Sold by regaltreat on October 9, 2011   
    Winning bid: item did not sale, listed at $66.00

    Description: "He was cursed by one(s) that practiced the  DARKEST of the ARTS so that another soul may find him and thus reap misfortune, bad luck, ill fate, illness, and all the evil of this hexed, cursed, doll, maybe even DEATH!...I would like to pass him along ASAP and I dare not remove him from his plastic coffin.........WILL YOU????????"
  • Mummified Tongue

    Photo: eBay

    Sold by johnparsons8319 on Feb 18, 2014   
    Winning bid: $51.00

    Description: "Interesting Mummified Dorset tongue in an simple white matted and red textured background shadow box! Tongue is very detailed with taste buds visible! Specimen is correctly preserved and will last indefinitely!! Sure to be an great conversation piece, great for your collection, can be hung on wall with supplied hanger or simply stood on your shelf or cabinet! I back up all my items with an full money back guarantee and fast tracked shipping so please bid with confidence!! 
    The Odd Emporium 

    Dear EBay,  

    This listing does Not violate any eBay policy and is legal to buy sell and trade in all fifty states, it is an non human taxidermy specimen. Thank you."
  • Ghost in a Jar

    Photo: eBay

    Sold by teajay1 on June 5, 2003    
    Winning bid: $50,922.00

    Description: "Back in the early 1980's, while out metal detecting, I came across and old abandoned cemetery with the foundation of a homesite or Church or something nearby. While searching around the foundation, my detector indicated there was something in the ground close by the southwest corner of the foundation. After digging down about 2 feet my shovel struck a wooden box that had nearly rotted out. The metal hinges and hasp were about all that was left of it. I thought I had discovered a fortune! Boy, did that ever turn out to be wrong!! There were 2 jars and an old journal in the box. The jars had some strange writing and symbols on them.

    'While getting the jars out of the ground, I dropped one and it broke. A black mist or something seeped out of it... I finally talked to someone who is versed in these things and was told that the only way to rid myself of this thing was to pass the unopened jar on to someone else. Therefore, I am offering to you, if you dare, the "Ghost in the Jar".

    With it I am sure you will be getting the "Black Thing" also. If you are brave enough to want this, bid to your hearts desire!"