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Weirdest & Creepiest Things Sold on eBay

Updated September 23, 2021 383.5k views15 items
As the online marketplace dubbed "The World's Garage Sale," it's no surprise that there are sales of some pretty weird things on eBay. From serial killer memorabilia, to supposedly haunted dolls, to bizarre handmade items and mummified body parts, the list of creepy things on eBay goes on and on. If your home is sorely lacking in spooky, horror movie-inspired items, then this list of some of the weirdest and creepiest things sold on eBay can serve as a buyer's guide for future freaky sales. Have a look, if you dare...
  • John Wayne Gacy Doll with Victim

    Photo: eBay

    Sold by atoadacamp on Oct 21, 2015    
    Winning bid: $275.00

    Description: "John wayne Gacy doll. 12" tall, hand painted by local folk artist. Face glows in the dark. Make me an offer."
  • Possessed Bartender Doll

    Photo: eBay

    Sold by wiseowl-wares on May 7, 2014     
    Winning bid: $90.00

    Description: "This battery operated bartender doll comes from a collection of haunted items that have been given to me to sell for a friend. My friend had a relative pass away recently and this deceased woman was heavily involved in the occult. She was a witch of dark magic from Lilydale NY. Lilydale is a town close to where I live that is an area that many people of whom are psychics or witches live.

    'It is very famous for those residents...I am told that this item apparently moves on its own even though it has no batteries in it. It's old and in rough creepy shape. Honestly it just gives me the creeps and I don't like the energy it gives off. "

  • 18th-Century Child's Haunted Coffin

    Photo: eBay

    Sold by crankyoldhag on November 3, 2013     
    Winning bid: No bidders, listed at $1,200.00

    Description: "[The seller's friend] has sold this SEVEN TIMES! Everyone keeps bringing it back to her so she asked me to list this "on my computer store" (She does not have the internet). Each owner has complained of things happening that did not happen before their purchase. Things falling off the walls, shelves, the TV changing by itself, turning on and off on it's own, lights flickering and so-on; your typical poltergeist behavior (it is a child after all)."
  • Doll with Burnt-Out Eyes

    Photo: eBay

    Sold by hiveboy1 on Aug 26, 2013    
    Winning bid: No bidders, listed at $29.99

    Description: "This listing is for a 10" absolute creeeeeeepy baby doll that I found on the bottom of the South River while out kayaking a few months ago. It was found about 5 feet away from a backpack filled with clothes but no ID and was sitting there for God only knows how long as the material of the clothing all but completely fell apart when lifting it. This is by far one of the creepiest dolls i've ever seen and there have been times that I've entered the room that she's displayed in and she seems to be positioned differently at least once a week.

    'Weather you're using this as a Halloween prop or just have a fancy for the ultra-creepy, Please get this thing outta my house...I'll even includes free shipping as thanks for doing so. Thanks for looking and good luck bidding! !"