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Ridiculous Fighting Game Characters That Don’t Make Any Sense In Their World

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A good fighting game always has an intriguing roster of characters for players to master online or at local tournaments. The strangest fighting game characters are the ones that tend to spark heated debates amongst gamers. Some of these characters may be new additions that completely miss their mark, while others are special guest characters that do nothing but make people raise their eyebrows.

These are some of the weirdest fighting game characters to ever earn a spot on digital rosters. While they might not be everyone's main, they're certainly good for a playful round with friends.

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    The Daytona Car - 'Fighters Megamix'

    Photo: Sega

    Fighters Megamix brought together a slew of Sega characters for an intense fighting game. For some reason, though, developers wanted to get Daytona USA involved, so they added Hornet the Daytona Car. The car stands up and throws hands (or, in this case, wheels) like anyone else.

    While this definitely looked funny, Hornet's moveset was actually pretty boring for the game, which made them easy to forget about.

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    Barney The Dinosaur - 'Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport'

    Xenophage: Alien Bloodsport was dismissed as a Mortal Kombat clone upon its 1995 arrival. The game follows a group of individuals trying to save their respective homelands from destruction.

    One individual who needed to save his friends was Barney the Dinosaur. As expected, a character as gentle and lovable as Barney was a complete pushover in the game. If Barney got hit once, he'd stay on the ground, giving his opponent an easy win.

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    Norimaro - 'Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter'

    Photo: Capcom

    Capcom and Japanese comedian Noritake Kinashi joined forces to bring Norimaro to the Japanese version of Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter. While most characters have flashy strikes, Norimaro only has his school supplies to help him.

    One Hyper Combo has Norimaro engaging in various poses, including one as Mega Man. This unique fighting style would be repurposed years later with Phoenix Wright in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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    Earthworm Jim - 'Battle Arena Toshinden'

    Earthworm Jim stood out like a sore thumb in the PC version of Battle Arena Toshinden. The character's involvement was done through a deal with Playmates and Takara. Mimicking Rungo Iron's moveset, Jim uses his loyal friend Snott as a weapon.

    One year after Battle Arena Toshinden's PC release, Jim found a more fitting fighting game home in Clay Fighter 63 1/3.

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