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The Weirdest Food Trucks to Ever Actually Exist

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List RulesFood trucks that were, or currently are, operated somewhere in the United States.

Whatever your situation is, everyone needs - and wants - a food truck at some point. Luckily, there are many normal, average, and very tasty food trucks out there to choose from. But there are also some very unique, very weird food trucks out there that serve up both normal and... not so normal eats, too. The most unique food trucks in any city are weird for many reasons, from the odd menu items, the distinct food truck design, or their killer food truck names. At the end of the day, if it's a weird food truck you need, from Los Angeles to Chicago to NYC, this list has got you covered.

The food truck business is booming. Whether you're drunk at 2 am and you simply MUST have a snack, you're at an all day festival and forgot your PB&J back in the car, or you're throwing a party and don't want to deal with cooking for everyone (and have enough cash sitting around), there are plenty of reasons to find yourself at a food truck. Some of the best food trucks aren't just known for their delicious sandwiches, burgers, burritos, or pufferfish (who knew you could even eat pufferfish?!), they're also know for their crazy names, weird paint jobs, or unique backstories.

Compiled here is list of the weirdest food trucks across the nation... which may or may not be the brainchild of someone needing professional help. From funny food truck names, to crazy food truck concepts, these mobile restaurants, carts, and even a space shuttle, serve up delicious eats in their own special style.

Though some of these trucks have since shut the window for good, they've still earned their spots among the weirdest food trucks to ever sling cheap grub. So upvote the weird food truck concepts below and if you aren't craving a greasy wiener by the end of all this, do you even have a stomach?
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