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The Most Bizarre Governments In History, Ranked

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Human beings have been in the business of government for a long time. Since we first developed language, we have been arguing over the correct way to organize the state. Should the government help its citizens, or should it be minimally involved? Should it maintain a standing military, or raise armies when necessary? And just who ought to be in charge of the whole thing?

Throughout human history, societies have had some... creative answers to these questions. Not only are there bizarre agencies within governments that otherwise function, sometimes the whole government is strange. From the needlessly complicated to the downright bizarre, there have been dozens of strange governments attempted, with varying degrees of success.

The governments on this list aren't just historical curiosities, they are maps of human attempts to relate to one another. Some may laugh at them, but they were all, at one time or another, sincere attempts to solve society's problems.