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Robert Wabash
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Parents and servers alike can always count on weird drawings from kids at restaurants to spice up the dining experience. Kids, who routinely come up with unintentionally hilarious, and sometimes creepy, artwork, scribble all sorts of bizarre images while waiting for their macaroni and chicken nuggets. Sometimes, to the chagrin of mom and dad, their drawings say much more about their parents than people outside the family are supposed to know. These hungry Picassos have come up with some pretty interesting creations.

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A Dine And Dash Was Foiled

From Redditor /u/gil_beard:

There used to be a restaurant in the town I went to college in that was basically a knockoff of Applebee’s called Garfield’s. It had paper strewn across all the tables and crayons, so the waitstaff could write their names down for the customers, and the customers could write whatever they wanted.

I was in there one afternoon with my girlfriend when the mother and daughter in the booth behind us decided to leave without paying for their meal. The waitress was pissed at first but then began laughing when she realized that they had written down their real names repeatedly in crayon all over the table. They were caught less than an hour later, according to the police report.

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These Kids Don't Deserve Toys

From Redditor /u/ThHeretic:

A family brought some extremely loud toys to a nice restaurant. Patrons around them complained, so my manager came over and offered to relocate them, which they refused. He gave them a free appetizer but said they would have to put the toys away.

The kids proceeded to draw at least five pictures of my manager getting murdered by jungle cats, tanks, a game of hangman, death incarnate, and some other random stuff. When they left, they left the pictures on the table. My manager proceeded to show every employee in the restaurant all the while laughing himself to death. We got them framed for him for Christmas.

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Someone Should Check On This Kid's Dad

From Redditor /u/intotheeast:

I once saw a kid draw a picture of their dad dead with a knife in his chest and him and his mom standing by the body, smiling. It made me concerned about their home life.

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Dead On Arrival

From Redditor /u/DoorwayNinja:

My niece was always quite the drama queen. About nine years ago we were eating at a restaurant and I saw her drawing a lovely landscape. It was adorable watching her draw a sun wearing sunglasses, grass, flowers... and a tombstone. Concerned, I asked what she was drawing. She said, "It is me. We waited so long here I died." She is an even more dramatic teenager now. Help me.

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