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Not every parent adheres to convention, and this weird moms 2018 list showcases some of the most oddball parental moves out there. The weirdest moms of 2018 throw tradition out the window to raise their kids in a rather unorthodox fashion. Curious about non-traditional parenting? Read on. 

While all these mothers could be deemed strange, only one can stand alone as the weirdest mother of 2018. Vote up the oddest parents out there to help decide who deserves the designation of weirdest mom of the year.


Mom Makes Viral Video About Life Raising Boys

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No one ever said raising kids was easy, and apparently there are some unique challenges when it comes to raising boys. Sporting a t-shirt reading "Boy Mom," Deva Dalporto made a video compilation of her reenacting all the grossest, most frustrating moments of raising boys. The video, posted on January 16, shows Dalporto reenacting her sons throwing fits over video games, drinking out of the milk carton, belching, and peeing on the toilet seat. The video apparently struck a cord with mothers everywhere, and quickly gained views. 

Even before her viral hit, Dalporto was known as an unconventional mother. Her YouTube page MyLifeSuckers frequently posts funny mom-related content. 

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