The Most Outrageous Political Parties You Won't Believe Are Real

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This list compiles the funniest political parties of all time. These frivolous political parties come from all around the world... and you'll probably have a hard time believing most of them are real. They're registered with satirical intent, sometimes for blatantly goofy purposes and other times to make real political statements. None of them have been terribly successful as political parties go, but regardless, many continue to be entertained by their unique beliefs. 

Satirical candidates bring quite the twist to everyday politics, with candidates ranging from animals to fictional characters and parties that represent porn stars, satirical politics and candidates have never exactly risen to the presidential level. The Beer Lovers Party in Russia celebrates a particular type of beverage while the Love Party in Italy was founded by porn stars. Leave it to eccentric British men like Lord Toby Jug to become leaders in frivolous political parties like the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

This list also contains candidates like Ed the Sock, a Canadian sock puppet who ran for Prime Minister of Canada in 2011 thanks to the Fed-Up Party. That party is abbreviated as The F.U. Party, which is fitting because "F.U." is essentially what all of these joke political parties are saying to the government. So cast your votes (pun intended) and vote up the parties you can't believe are real.