Movie Tie-In Foods So Bizarre You're Tempted To Try

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Advertising has gotten creative over the years. Companies can take movies, TV shows, sports teams, or really anything consumers are fans of and use logos or characters to boost sales. Oftentimes we see companies simply slap a beloved character onto the packaging and call it done. Sometimes, however, companies will actually turn the foods into memorable items that truly embody the project they're advertising - even on occasion recreating fictional foods

What happens when companies miss the mark? When the fast food movie tie in is unappealing to look at let alone eat? This can happen when foods that are traditionally one color change to something else, and presentation of the advertisement can make even the biggest fan cringe. Not all of these foods sound gross - some of them even sound delicious, but they all look strange. Which would you try despite the appearance being less than appetizing?

  • Grinch's Green Pancakes At IHOP 
    Photo: IHOP / Youtube

    Inspired by the 2018 rendition of Dr. Seuss' classic The Grinch, IHOP turned out a menu for all of Whoville including Grinch's Green Pancakes. The seasonally colored pancakes were unchanged - aside from color - from the original IHOP flapjacks recipe. The limited time menu also included Minty Who Hot Chocolate, Who Roast-Beast Omelette, Whoville Holiday Cheesecake French Toast, and Mt. Crumpit Kids Combo. Universal Pictures and IHOP also released a commercial to advertise the special. 

  • These green frosted pastries filled with "goo" came out in 1990 to promote the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that premiered later that year. It's speculated that the Hostess pies got a makeover from a previously discontinued vanilla pudding pie to relaunch the snack "fresh from the sewers to you!" The pastries even had different wrappers for each of the different ninja turtles, and as a promotional product, they had a good run of about a year on the shelves. 

  • Ectoplasm Energy Drink By Boston America 
    Photo: Walmart / Fair Use

    This energy drink manufactured to look just like ectoplasm seen in Ghostbusters was produced in 2009 to celebrate 25 years of "bustin' ghosts." Very similar to energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster, the draw for this particular drink is the striking green color and the collectible can with the Ghostbusters logo. It's still for sale on multiple platforms online - if it ever comes back in stock that is. 

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    Pillsbury's 'Shrek' Waffle Sticks 

    As a promotional product for the Shrek 2 movie in 2004, Pillsbury created their classic dippable waffle sticks with the ogre in mind. The Shrek inspired breakfast item had blueberry waffle sticks and a green "swamp syrup." With speckles of blueberries in the waffles, they have the appearance of being a little moldy. And green goop doesn't make the meal any more appetizing.