The Weirdest Laws In North Korea You Had No Idea People Have To Follow

While every country in the world has a few strange rules or regulations on the books, the recent global attention on North Korea has shed light on some of the region's downright bizarre laws. The weirdest laws in North Korea are all in place for one reason and one reason only: to control the populace. A citizenry whose lives are dictated and regulated down to the tiniest degree ensure the country's "supreme leader," Kim Jong-un, remains in power and retains his tight hold on the hearts and minds of millions of North Koreans.

The rules you must follow in North Korea are focused on elevating Kim Jong-un to a godlike status while keeping citizens as isolated and cut off from the rest of the world as possible. The fact that the country has such crazy laws in place is not particularly shocking in and of itself; what's shocking is the degree to which these laws successfully keep North Koreans in line. Such extreme rules may sound nuts to us, but violating them comes with serious, even lethal ramifications. Ruling by fear has been the modus operandi of Kim Jong-un and his father and grandfather before him.

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