Weirdest Rules Followed By The Royal Family  

Jordan Bates

The British Royal Family survived all these centuries not just because of divine right or endless riches alone. In addition to being perceived as divine and rich, the whole monarchical family adheres to strict rules to keep the family in power and protection.

Many of these rules make sense - no one wants to see a royal acting uncouth in public, and a citizen certainly expects their honorary ruler to behave with some sense of decorum.

That said, the regal rule book also goes to extremes dictating all sorts of specific ways a family member must behave. If you thought Catholic school was strict, wait until you hear the commandments of Buckingham Palace.

No doubt it must pay in many ways to be a royal, but you should definitely consider all these little details before you go off courting a prince or duchess. Watch the video below to learn about all the weirdest rules the Royal Family must obey.