Graveyard Shift The 12 Gnarliest, Weirdest Sex Scenes From American Horror Story  

Alex Welch
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Anyone who has had the chance to watch and follow American Horror Story throughout its run knows that there are plenty of crazy American Horror Story sex scenes to go around. Despite being a typical anthology horror series on the surface, American Horror Story has pushed past any and all pre-conceived boundaries that viewers might have had about intercourse and violence prior to its premiere.

Whether that's involved strange variations on "oral activity" or vampire genre cliches, the sheer amount of gnarly "love" scenes in AHS is truly stunning to behold. It's not much of a surprise, then, why the show has proven to be too much for some viewers in the end, some of whom may even be horror fans in their own right. 

So here are the weirdest "lovemaking" scenes from American Horror Story history, just in case you want a refresher on the show's craziest moments!

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Elsa's Dom History In AHS: Freak Show

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When Jessica Lange's Elsa was first introduced in American Horror Story: Freak Show, fans knew next to nothing about her. Not even how or why she was missing the bottom halves of her legs. But in true American Horror Story fashion, the answer turned out to be much more twisted and gut-churning than even the most daring of viewers could have imagined.

Revealed in a long flashback, viewers find out that Elsa used to be a highly in-demand dominatrix at a BDSM brothel in Germany in the early 1900s. Shown in astonishing detail, it's even revealed that one of her dominatrix practices involved forcing her clients to sit down on nails every time they had to use the bathroom.

The sequence/montage is already shocking enough as it is, but the additional revelation that Elsa had her legs cut off by former clients as part of a snuff film just adds an extra level of tragedy and horror to the whole storyline.

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Queenie And The Minotaur In AHS: Coven

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Leave it to American Horror Story to feature an intercourse scene between a teen witch and a former man-turned-vicious Minotaur. Not to sound like a broken record or anything, but there was no way to see this one coming.

Indeed, the scene in question took place during the show's Coven season, when the rebellious and wise Queenie winds up in the same room as the dreaded Minotaur. But instead of begging for her life, Queenie offers herself up to the Minotaur, saying that they're both just wild beasts looking for love.

The Minotaur accepts Queenie's proposal and proceeds to do it with her and, by the time he finishes, leaves her just on the brink of death. Not exactly the story arc people might have been expecting for Queenie or the Minotaur, and certainly not something fans have been able to forget since seeing it for the first time.

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Bette, Dot, And Chester In AHS: Freak Show

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It's hard to think of an American Horror Story visual that managed to be quite as impressive and constantly unnerving as Sarah Paulson's conjoined twins, Bette and Dot, in Freak Show.

Promiscuous and ambitious in their own unique ways, Bette and Dot weren't ever very shy about saying what they wanted... or, in this particular case, who. An answer that, much to the chagrin of fans everywhere, turned out to be Neil Patrick Harris's creepy ventriloquist, Chester.

After openly stating that they both wanted to have relations with him, Chester accepted Bette and Dot's offer with just one condition: that his dummy would be able to watch. The visual itself of Chester doing it with Bette and Dot was unnerving enough for fans of the show, but the additional aspect of Chester's doll watching from the fringes just made it all a bit too much to bear. 

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The Supermarket Clowns In AHS: Cult

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As usual, it was impossible to predict what American Horror Story had up its sleeve with its newest cult-themed season. Unsurprisingly, it didn't take long for the show to introduce things and images that, on the surface, doesn't seem at all related to the general cult premise of the season.

We are, of course, talking about Abby's trip to the supermarket early on in the season, when she witnesses/has a hallucination of two grotesque clowns bumping uglies in the vegetable section of her local grocery store. Unlike some other characters in the show, though, and much to her credit, it doesn't take long before Abby has a full-blown meltdown over what she's seen and completely freaks out. 

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