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sports Weirdest Sports Events That Get Global Coverage  

Blake Edwards
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The weirdest sports that get global coverage are far from the typical sports you see on ESPN but for one quirky reason or another captivate audiences around the world. From the weird to the really weird, these offbeat sports are far from typical but bizarrely entertaining.

Many of these weird sports that get mainstream attention are simple twists on ordinary sports. Who needs ice hockey when you can play underwater hockey? Why waste time playing chess and boxing separately when you can combine them like they do at the World Chess Boxing Organization? Love surfing and love dogs? Put them together and you have dog surfing! Want to combine volleyball, soccer, gymnastics and capoeira and play on trampolines? Try bossaball! The list of hybrid sports goes on and on.

Other offbeat sports are not necessarily related to mainstream sports but definitely entertain nonetheless. Take the Wife Carrying World Championships, the World Toe Wrestling Championship or the World Shin Kicking Championship for example. They are well off the beaten path but attract hundreds of competitors, thousands of fans and numerous media outlets each year.

These weird sports may not be joining the Olympic sports list anytime soon and they may not be for all audiences but they all bring something fresh to the world of sports. So bring an open mind and your best sense of humor and check out these offbeat sports. You may just become their new best fan!
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World Toe Wrestling Championship

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World Beard & Mustache Championships

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Pillow Fight League

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Segway Polo

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