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Things About Point Break That Are Too Weird Not To Address

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At the intersection of buddy cop movies, surfer movies, self-aware action movies, hardcore bromance, and sheer adrenaline-fueled insanity sits one film: Point Break. Released in 1991, the film has remained an unforgettable pop culture touchstone for over 25 years. What's the secret to it's success? Blowing minds while making almost no sense whatsoever. 

That isn't a criticism. If anything, it's an accomplishment. This film has a lot going on: FBI office drama, bank robbing, presidential impersonation, romance, philosophy, meteorology, vague mysticism, friendship, skydiving, a Red Hot Chili Pepper, and the ultimate surfer quest for the perfect wave are just some of the things going down on screen. Point Break was an early film for Kathryn Bigelow, who went on to direct films like Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker, which earned her the first Oscar given to a female director. But even back then, Bigelow knew how to juggle an intricate plot, stage high-impact action sequences, and let her stars shine.

And boy, do Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze shine! Theirs is a cat-and-mouse bromance that defies expectations at every turn. Reeves puts his air-headed Bill & Ted days behind him as the hotshot FBI recruit who is working undercover, while Swayze captivates as a surfer who will stop at nothing for the next big thrill. That we root for each of them to succeed, knowing that ultimately they both can't win, is a testament to the performances and their dynamic together. 

But a complicated plot and serious star power is enough to mask some of the more wtf aspects of Point Break. Whatever you may think you remember about it, we guarantee you're still missing out on some of the weirdest things in Point Break - things you may never have noticed before, but will make you appreciate the film more than ever!

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    Despite Being Undercover, Johnny Utah Can't Resist A Stakeout

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    Ok, so Johnny Utah kept his real name when he went undercover to infiltrate the surfing community, fine, but that wasn't the only aspect of the operation that doesn't seem well thought out. He joins two stakeouts with his FBI colleagues, which makes sense because he's working on the investigation... except are kind of a conflict of duty considering his undercover status at the time! Seriously, what if somebody recognized him and got away, and then started telling the other surfers? 

    In fact, his cover DOES get blown - when he chases Bodhi on foot after a robbery, and Bodhi recognizes him. Isn't the first rule of undercoverness not to blow your cover until you're sure you've caught the bad guys? And ideally don't shoot your gun into the air and scream "Aaaargh!"

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    Despite Knowing Their Friend Is An FBI Agent, The Surfers Plan Another Robbery

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    So aside from Johnny being oblivious that his cover was obviously blown during that whole foot-chase-with-no-mask event, he still agrees to jump out of an airplane with his criminal buddies. But that's secondary to the WTF-ness of Bodhi asking a known FBI agent to both jump out of a plane AND planning a final robbery despite knowing the fuzz are on to him.

    Bodhi and his crew decide to do one more job for the cash before they hit the road for good. And they find a way to rope Johnny into participating by kidnapping Tyler. But why not assume the authorities would be heavily monitoring the group at this point? And why take the time to go skydiving? A team building exercise?

    Reason would suggest they should have escaped at the first whiff of the FBI tracking them. Considering they caught Johnny in bed, it's not like he was burning the midnight oil trying to find them. They could have probably gotten away without any problems. But no, a surfers gotta skydive.

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    Johnny Utah's Recognizable Face Makes Him An Odd Choice Of Undercover Agent

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    Johnny Utah decides to use his real name when he goes undercover. A pretty terrible idea in general, but that decision actually gives him a leg up when he bonds with Bodhi and his crew while playing a game of beach football. This is because it turns out that he isn't just any old Johnny, he's a former college football star! Bodhi recognizes him from his playing days and they discuss why he quit playing. Turns out a very real knee injury ended his career early... an injury that pops back up at the worst possible time.

    But seriously, if you're semi-famous why are you volunteering to go undercover at all? Especially when you may be recognized by your target and when a background search might just lead to a crack in your backstory.

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    Johnny Doesn't Realize His Cover Is Blown, Jumps Out Of Airplane With Criminals

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    So Bodhi, in his Reagan disguise, outruns Johnny Utah thanks to the ol' knee injury acting up. But here's the clincher, he obviously recognized Johnny, who, unlike Bodhi, was not wearing a mask at the time. And naturally Bodhi goes and tells his crew and they all concoct a plan to deal with their former friend/current FBI agent. Step one: Take him skydiving.

    Yup, they show up at Johnny's doorstep unannounced and insist that he go flying with them, then they jump out of a plane using parachutes that they packed. And here's the kicker: Johnny agrees to it! Is it because he somehow doesn't realize his cover is blown? Or is it that his bromance with Bodhi is so deep he's willing to risk it? All of it defies logic.

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