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Weirdest Things Donated To Goodwill

Ah, Goodwill! Who doesn’t love the thrill of sifting through moth-ball laden garments for the occasional treasure that promises to reveal itself to those who have the patience to really dig? Well, here we’ve collected a list of the weirdest items ever donated to a Goodwill store. You see, in the thrill of the hunt, many times you may never notice the bizarre collection of items you sift right past that are actually treasures in their own - albeit sometimes borderline creepy - right. Fear not, however, for on display below you’ll find a collection of some of the weirdest things donated to Goodwill in all of thrift store history.

What can you donate to Goodwill? What will Goodwill accept? We combed the web for the weirdest, tackiest, and just plain strange donations ever dropped off at a Goodwill thrift store, and the offerings did not disappoint. So pull on that $2 cardigan and take a look at the strangest things people’s closets have coughed up over the years.

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    The World's Most Disturbing Play Set

    No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. That really does read "3 adorable animals to impale!"
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    This Crystal Ball

    Unfortunately, it seems forever stuck on the fate of Batman alone.
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    These Old Dentures

    Our faith in humanity sort of hinges on us believing this was an accident.
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    This Authentic Human Skull

    As if a straight-up human skull isn't disturbing enough, notice that it's clearly been used and reused a number of times for medical research.
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