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The Weirdest Crowdfunding Campaigns That Actually Made Their Goal

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It's possible to raise money for just about anything with websites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Even extremely weird things have been crowdfunded successfully.

There is a sandwich press that toasts the image of Jesus Christ onto bread, a soap that smells like bacon, and a dude named Jeff who needed a new tooth. All of those odd campaigns gained monetary support and momentum by crowdfunding, sometimes surpassing their target number by thousands of dollars.

Which funny Kickstarter campaigns inspire you to put your own inventions or ideas on the market?

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    Another enormously successful campaign, Bug-A-Salt was launched on Indiegogo and created by Lorenzo Maggiore. The product pits table salt against pests; the shotgun kills flies and other annoying bugs by using regular NaCl as ammunition. The gun has an accuracy range of about three feet and claims that the bugs will remain intact, which is ideal for a no fuss clean up.

    Maggiore raised a whopping $577,636 even though he originally only sought $15,000. The Bug-A-Salt website carries several different versions of the gun. One best-selling example is the Yellow BUG-A-SALT 2.0 with increased power and durability. It sells for $39.95.



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    The Ostrich Pillow

    The Ostrich Pillow is definitely one of the most successful Kickstarter campaigns ever. Creators of the campaign hoped to raise $70,000 but actually exceeded their goal by bringing in a whopping $194,094.

    The Ostrich Pillow may make a napper look like an alien, but it also gives users private space. The pillow can be used at the office, the airport or, anywhere else and its synthetic stuffing completely covers a person's head and hands. The pillow sells for $99.


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    Poop: The Game

    Why is potty humor always so funny? Poop: The Game, created by Feels Right Design,  doesn't answer that question but capitalizes on the fascination just the same. The game creators asked for $4,500 through Kickstarter but exceeded their goal by bringing in $11,696 with the tagline: "It's a kids' game! It's a drinking game! Just not a kids' drinking game."

    The card game is described as an UNO style game where the first person to run out of cards wins but the instructions warn that some cards make players perform crazy acts. You can purchase POOP: The Game on Amazon for about $25. There are several different versions available for sale. 


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    Emoji Mobi Dick

    Fred Beneson launched his Kickstarter campaign to fund a project that would translate Herman Melville novel Moby Dick into Japanese emoji icons. Benson set out to raise $3,500 but he ended up earning $3,676 from 83 different supporters. Now anyone can buy "Emoji Dick" for $40 in a softcover, if you're looking for a  hardcover edition, that will cost you $200.

    Why would Benson bother to translate the 600 plus page novel into emoji form? He wanted to examine the phenomenon of language and technology. He noted:

    "I’m interested in the phenomenon of how our language, communications, and culture are influenced by digital technology. Emoji are either a low point or a high point in that story, so I felt I could confront a lot of our shared anxieties about the future of human expression (see: Twitter or text messages) by forcing a great work of literature through such a strange new filter."

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