People Describe The Weirdest Things They Got While Trick-Or-Treating  

Samantha Dillinger
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The list of Halloween "treats" nobody wants is pretty predictable: toothbrushes/toothpaste/floss (thanks, all you fun-hating dentists), raisins (wrinkled pellets of "blah"), apples (fructose cannot beat sucrose), and Good & Plenty (real pills taste better). But sometimes Halloween loot is just plain weird. Charlie Brown once famously said, "I got a rock," but what about "I got an onion"?

Someone who hands out toothbrushes might be concerned about tooth decay, but... ranch salad dressing? That's not even the healthy part of salad. Milk? Calcium is admirable - highly perishable liquids are not. And non-food items should be a non-issue on Halloween. No one needs to give away staplers unless they're candy-coated.   

People on Reddit are eager to share their Halloween treat horror stories. Some Redditors wondered if they were tricked instead of treated, while others just pondered, "What the...?"

A Tooth

From Redditor /u/Secretly_psycho:

A tooth.

I don't even know; he wasn't a dentist, just some random guy handing out a f*cking tooth.

Chicken Wings

From a former Redditor:

Cooked chicken wings.

One of our neighbor's sons was sitting on his porch handing them out to kids from a huge bowl.

Broccoli And A Bible Verse

From Redditor /u/athaliah:

Broccoli and a Bible verse in a little baggie.


Opened Candy Bar

From a former Redditor:

An opened candy bar.

No wrapper. Just the bar.