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27 Things That Escalated REALLY Quickly

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Have you ever been in one of those situations that seems to be cruising along at a reasonable pace, only to have it really escalate quickly Anchorman style? Well, you can rest assured that this hasn't happened to just you, which this collection of situations that escalated quickly will show you. (See also: horrible escalator deaths.) Be forewarned that the following display of escalation moves along at breakneck speed. As soon as you think you have a real grip on what's going on everything changes.  Here you’ll see relationships sailing along at a healthy pace, only to tank like the Titanic for reasons that will never be explained. You’ll witness innocent enough Google searches spiral into utter madness and everyday actions end in tragedy for no other reason other than that they can.
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    Your Fate if You Dare Dive into This Swimming Pool

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    This Life

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    This Steady Escalation of Horrific Parenting

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    Might as Well Cover All the Bases

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