17 Unfortunate Dog Owner Moments That Made Us Say "Well, That Sucks"

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From dogs dragging in sprinklers into the house to pooches locking out their owners, here are some moments dog owners are sharing that prove having a canine isn't all fun and games. Enjoy!

  • 1. Ouch

    Photo: u/jacob7384 / Reddit
    458 votes
  • 2. Rough

    Photo: u/vo_xv / Reddit
    421 votes
  • 3. Seems Like They're Having Fun

    Seems Like They're Having Fun
    Photo: u/AgentBlue62 / Reddit
    413 votes
  • 4. So Proud

    So Proud
    Photo: u/Whitlow14 / Reddit
    383 votes
  • 5. Ew

    Photo: u/B0xiest / Reddit
    363 votes
  • 6. Nice One

    Nice One
    Photo: u/the_beeve / Reddit
    317 votes