23 Moments Of Misfortune That People Had To Endure This Week

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Some of these people may have broken a mirror or walked under a ladder due to just how unfortunate of a week they had. Vote on this week's mightiest strokes of bad luck below.

  • 1. Hell In A Hotel

    Hell In A Hotel
    Photo: u/Canonconstructor / Reddit
    106 votes
  • 2. Total Toilet Breakdown

    Total Toilet Breakdown
    Photo: u/KDN1692 / Reddit
    96 votes
  • 3. Major Snowfall

    Major Snowfall
    Photo: u/Imterrifiedofsharks / Reddit
    115 votes
  • 4. Stolen And Swapped For A Rock

    Stolen And Swapped For A Rock
    Photo: u/[deleted] / Reddit
    112 votes
  • 5. Insects Instead Of Croutons

    Insects Instead Of Croutons
    Photo: u/Alan-Foster / Reddit
    90 votes
  • 6. Not At All Colgate

    Not At All Colgate
    Photo: u/788tiger / Reddit
    110 votes