27 Fascinating Photos Of Items Worn Down Over Time

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Time is an unstoppable force that the items featured on this list have somehow managed to survive, although in some cases, just barely. The people over at r/wellworn understand that time plus the general use of an item usually equals some pretty interesting photos. Vote up on all the well worn items you find fascinating!

  • 1. Vote Up When You See It

    Vote Up When You See It
    Photo: u/RaidensReturn / Reddit
  • 2. The Wheels Go Round And Round

    The Wheels Go Round And Round
    Photo: u/ApostateLibrarian / Reddit
  • 3. Watch Your Feet

    Watch Your Feet
    Photo: u/hsshekhawat / Reddit
  • 4. Spare Some Change

    Spare Some Change
    Photo: u/mooseaura / Reddit
  • 5. As Good As Used

    As Good As Used
    Photo: u/sangallium / Reddit
  • 6. That's What's Under There

    That's What's Under There
    Photo: u/phoenixlogix / Reddit