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Graveyard Shift
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If You Thought The Witch Trials Were Brutal, Those Condemned As Werewolves Suffered Far Worse Fates

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We are all familiar with the witch trials in Europe, but what about the werewolf trials? During the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries, Europe went mad executing sorcerers and witches accused of practicing lycanthropy. Fueled by church politics and a deep-rooted misunderstanding and fear of mental illness, the werewolf trials accused men, women, and children of transforming into wolves and lapping up the blood of innocents. 

Historic accounts of werewolves and their inhumane trials started in Switzerland and then spread like wildfire to Germany, France, and the Balkans. Kings and church officials alike appointed 'judges' to reign in these werewolves, torture them within an inch of their lives, and produce confessions that merited brutal executions. Peter Stumpp was one of the first people to be convicted of lycanthropy in the late 1500s, but he wouldn't be the last. Thousands of people were killed for their alleged wolf-related crimes, whether it be turning into a werewolf or being a "wolf charmer." The times people were put on trial for being werewolves was a dark period for Europe and all of the hunt's victims. 

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