Graveyard Shift

These Are The Most Fearsome Lady Werewolves Throughout History

When one thinks of werewolves, one typically thinks of a man afflicted with a transformational curse. It's true that most historical werewolf tales feature male shape-shifters, but there's also a rich female werewolf mythology ripe for exploring. In fact, there are numerous female werewolf stories throughout history that are just as terrifying as the most disturbing tales of men becoming wolf-like. These lady lycanthropes rival "real-life" werewolves such as the vicious serial killer Peter Stubbe and the Wolf of Ansbach that attacked humans and livestock in 1685. 

Interestingly, werewomen and witches were often thought to be the same thing. If the legends hold any truth, lady werewolves are potentially far more powerful than their male counterparts. After all, combining the powers of a witch and a werewolf into one package makes for a formidable opponent. Therefore, it's no wonder that historical accounts of werewolf women are typically filled with bloodshed and lots of fear. Let's examine these intriguing stories to discover the most badass female werewolves in history!