Wes Craven's Best Horror Characters

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Vote up Craven's most memorable and original horror movie characters.

Get ready for a scream as we rank Wes Craven’s all-time best characters. We're not lying when we say Craven was the undisputed master of horror for decades. He had a knack for focusing on the victims who were in the most trouble when they should have felt their safest. Think about it: Freddy Kruger attacked you in your dreams, Ghostface always turned out to be a trusted person of Sydney Prescott, and the mutants in The Hills Have Eyes went after a family on vacation.

The protagonists should be leading normal, happy lives, but these gruesome villains seem to ruin those lives pretty much right as the movies start. Which character do you think made the biggest impact in horror? Vote up your top picks for Wes Craven’s best horror characters, and feel free to add any character you feel is missing from the list!

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