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Mick Jacobs
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Among the many entertaining celebrity social media personalities out there, Wesley Snipes's social media presence stands out like a vampire in the sunlight. From Twitter to Instagram, Snipes's best posts run the gamut from super inspirational to super random. Similar to Mark Hamill's Twitter, Wesley Snipes's Twitter loves to interact with fans as much as he loves to troll them. An accomplished actor, black belt, and author, Snipes has plenty of advice to impart on his followers, even if it doesn't always make sense. Snipes, who values hard work and discipline, believes nothing good in life comes easily, including understanding his memes. If Vin Diesel's inspirational Facebook quotes are like jumping jacks, easy and accessible, then Wesley Snipes's inspirational posts are like dead-lifts, heavy and might leave you delirious.

Sometimes Snipes offers helpful, if a bit eccentric, inspirational quotes that involve the soul spontaneously combusting. On other occasions, he threatens phony accounts and drags his haters. Overall, Snipes boasts one of the most interactive and unique celebrity voices in social media, mostly because he keeps it real. He's got no time for sugar-coated toppings, but he does have time to compare himself to Rihanna.

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Blade Stunnah


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Supporting Young Artists


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Christmas Wish


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Non-Verifieds Need Not Apply

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