Western Fiction Authors

A list of Western fiction authors with writers who specialize in all types of Western historical fiction and tales of the American frontier. If cowboys, Indians (Native Americans), gold miners, and outlaws are your favorite types of characters, then you're a western fiction fan. Western book authors and famous Western authors are among some of the best and most popular writers of all time.

When it comes to great Western novels, remember that "the frontier" is a relative term. The earliest Westerns took place in the Appalachian mountains, as that was once considered the great Western unknown. It wasn't until later, the 1850s and beyond, that Westerns began to take place west of the Mississippi River. Many consider the golden age of the Historic West to have occurred for only three decades, from the end of the American Civil War to the beginning of the 20th century. Western fiction peaked during the 1960s, but can still be found to this day.

The Western fiction authors on this list are some of the best Western novelists and their works rank among the best Western novels. Take a look at these popular Wester authors and go get their books today!
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