Here's How Western Male Beauty Standards Evolved Throughout The 20th Century

Ideal body types are a lot like fashion trends: they change with almost every passing decade. Although the media usually seems to focus on female bodies, male beauty standards have changed a great deal over the course of the 20th century as well. It's common knowledge that girls and women face pressure to have an "ideal body," but how much does society think about the pressure faced by men? Throughout the 20th century, men have also dealt with beauty standards that were difficult to attain. Everything from current events, Hollywood movies, war, and what was considered an ideal job influenced how men were supposed to look.

Lammily, makers of a redesigned Barbie doll with realistic—and, more importantly, attainable—proportions, have created a compendium of images of ideal male bodies from different decades in the 20th century.  Using the company's recreations, this roundup of men's body types throughout history highlights the most desired features of different decades as well as the reasoning behind those desires. At the end of the day, however, one thing is clear: beauty will always be in the eye of the beholder. To that end, the images here represent the broad trends in male beauty ideals; naturally, not every identity or sought-after look is represented.