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What To Remember Before 'Westworld' Season 3

Westworld is one of the more complicated and intricate shows airing on TV right now, which can make it hard enough to keep track of what's what, who is or isn't a host, and exactly what order the events in any given episode are taking place. Tack all that on to the fact that the show hasn't aired a new episode since 2018 and remembering what happened at the end of Season 2 can be pretty daunting. To prepare for the premiere of Season 3, we rounded up some things it might be helpful to remember from the show's second season.

  • Dolores Wasn't The First Awakened Host – Akecheta Was

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    For the entire first season and a sizable chunk of the second season, viewers assumed that Dolores was the first Awakened host in Westworld. That wasn't the case as they learned in the episode "Kitsuya" it was actually Akecheta, a member of the Ghost Nation, that was the first Awakened. It happened to him slowly as he began to realize he couldn't harm guests and fully solidified when he found an abandoned Logan muttering in the woods about The Door.

  • Delos Corporation Was Conducting Human Immortality Experiments

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    Among all of the second seasons revelations, one of the biggest was the reveal that the park wasn't much more than an added benefit to the true goal of making hosts – cracking human immortality. The concept of human/host hybrids is floated and viewers see how difficult it is as they watch William struggle to re-create a James Delos that doesn't degrade after a time. Though he never manages to find a way that works for Delos, eventually a solution was found with Bernard. 

    Bernard is Arnold created specifically out of memories Ford and Dolores shared of Bernard, with Dolores running fidelity tests. This combination manages to stop degradation and Bernard/Arnold stand as the first hybrid model.

  • Teddy Killed Himself In Front Of Dolores

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    Teddy watched throughout the second season as Dolores grew more and more violent in her goal to free the hosts. Meanwhile, Dolores watched Teddy balk time and again and slowly realized that he might not have what it takes to fight for host freedom. Eventually, he was "upgraded" to a most vicious personality by Dolores.

    Teddy grew angry that Dolores changed him into a monster and in the season finale, he told her he loved her, but that he couldn't protect her anymore. He then ended his life. 

  • The Ghost Nation And Maeve's Daughter Traveled Through The Door

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    Maeve spent the majority of the series up through Season 2 looking for her daughter. When they were finally reunited, they headed out to the Valley Beyond to go through The Door and enter the host's virtual heaven. Unfortunately they didn't both make it, as Maeve was gunned down on their run for the Door. Akecheta was there and managed to get Maeve's daughter through to the virtual heaven along with the rest of the Ghost Nation, while Maeve was left behind, permanently separated from her daughter.