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The 'Westworld' Site Is Filled With Hidden Clues, Games, Trailers, And Insights

HBO's Westworld returns to the small screen on March 15, 2020, much to the delight of sci-fi fans and conspiracy theorists everywhere. While Season 3 is shrouded in mystery, the evil geniuses of the viral marketing team have left a treasure trove of hidden messages, Easter eggs, clues, and more on several corresponding sites. Some clues are from Season 2, while others are brand new, offering small bits of information regarding the upcoming season. Here are a few that were found. While you wait for more episodes to come out, you can also check out our list of other shows like Westworld!

  • The Log-In Hides A Game

    Photo: HBO

    Attempting to log in will lead to one of two possible destinations.

    The first selection is the Mesh Network, which is actually the hidden schematics for Bernard's brain. Clicking the different memory pathways will unlock clips, which you then have to place in the correct order. Once ordered, a "log" of Bernard standing on the beach will play. 

  • Another Option Provides A Recap Of Season 2

    Photo: HBO

    Clicking "Backup B" on the log-in page provides visitors with a brief reminder of the events of last season before the park was closed, including the data transfer of all the host personalities. 

  • If You Enter 'XOmegaCH' You Can See The Man In Black

    Photo: HBO

    Visit Delos Incorporated and use the password "xomegach." This is a find from last season from hidden binary code in the trailer. It is also the password Charlotte Hale enters into a computer in one of the secret labs inside the park, thus the "CH" at the end of the password. 

    Entering the password within the log-in field will open schematics to the Man in Black's Delos training room, where his host body is being perfected. Clips from the previous season are still available for viewing.

  • New Sites Show Unexplored Parks

    Photo: HBO

    In addition to registered sites for Discover Westworld (now defunct) and Discover Shogun World (now "offline"), there is also a domain for Warworld (also "offline," but still offering interesting insights), a park with a World War II narrative.

    Also, if you scroll through the different lands available (at one time) at Delos Destinations, you will find a scrambled version of Warworld. as well as "Park 4," "Park 5," and The Raj.