The 'Westworld' Site Is Filled With Hidden Clues, Games, Trailers, And Insights

HBO's Westworld returns to the small screen on March 15, 2020, much to the delight of sci-fi fans and conspiracy theorists everywhere. While Season 3 is shrouded in mystery, the evil geniuses of the viral marketing team have left a treasure trove of hidden messages, Easter eggs, clues, and more on several corresponding sites. Some clues are from Season 2, while others are brand new, offering small bits of information regarding the upcoming season. Here are a few that were found. While you wait for more episodes to come out, you can also check out our list of other shows like Westworld!

  • Delos Sends Personal Emails To Your Inbox

    Delos Sends Personal Emails To Your Inbox
    Photo: HBO

    Sign up for the Delos Destinations newsletter and you will receive this message to "valued guests" informing you that a new law affects the way private information is collected and stored. Thus, legislators have partnered with a company called Incite to “provide a clearer path to radical data transparency.”

    The newsletter states, "For more specifics on how this new law will affect you, please check out" The hyperlink will take you to the new trailer. 

    The letter also makes mention of additional lands, such as The Raj, which has a Colonial India narrative and was briefly visited in Season 2. 

  • There's A Mysterious Company Called Incite

    There's A Mysterious Company Called Incite
    Photo: HBO

    When you visit the Incite site, it takes stock of your settings (i.e., scans your computer) and offers you an experience unique to your personality. The scan makes note of your altruism and carelessness, among other personality details. 

    Visitors are then greeted with the following message with information about the new privacy act and Incite's role in future endeavors:

    Congress has partnered with Incite to ensure the Privacy Act is strictly enforced. We are donating our revolutionary algorithms to help monitor and regulate the entire technology industry, setting a global standard for consensual data collection and handling. Together we will pave the way to radical data transparency.

    Exploration of the site leads to more insidious possibilities, as Incite's service pitch states: 

    Your life is spread across a dozen companies that take your data and don't give anything back. What if you could say goodbye to the chaos of today and hello to the promise of tomorrow?

  • The Site's Copyright Mentions The Year 2039

    The Site's Copyright Mentions The Year 2039
    Photo: HBO

    This is the year Westworld was created, as noted by the copyright at the bottom of the site.

  • The Delos Destinations Site Says The Park Is Offline

    The Delos Destinations Site Says The Park Is Offline
    Photo: HBO

    In previous seasons, a guest could book a vacation through Delos Destinations. But currently, the park is offline, thanks to the events of Season 2.

    A message reads:

    Delos Destinations regrets the temporary closure of our parks. We are undergoing unscheduled maintenance to improve several safety and structural systems, to maximize the experience of our guests.

    Existing bookings for experienced guests will be honored at a later date.

    New prospective guests should refer to our video resource catalog in preparation for a future stay, and will be notified once park reservations are reopened.

    Please check back in again soon. Your life without limits will resume shortly.

    Delos Destinations

  • The Log-In Hides A Game

    The Log-In Hides A Game
    Photo: HBO

    Attempting to log in will lead to one of two possible destinations.

    The first selection is the Mesh Network, which is actually the hidden schematics for Bernard's brain. Clicking the different memory pathways will unlock clips, which you then have to place in the correct order. Once ordered, a "log" of Bernard standing on the beach will play. 

  • Another Option Provides A Recap Of Season 2

    Another Option Provides A Recap Of Season 2
    Photo: HBO

    Clicking "Backup B" on the log-in page provides visitors with a brief reminder of the events of last season before the park was closed, including the data transfer of all the host personalities.