Weird History Readers Share Movies They Love That No One Else Seems To Remember

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We've all been there: sitting around with friends, sharing our favorite movies from childhood. We're impatiently waiting for our turn to share, believing we have the most epically memorable film that everyone will instantly start reminiscing over. Then, shockingly, we finally get to share and receive blank stares and crickets. What? How do they not know this one?! 

Somehow, our favorite childhood movies seem to be ones everyone else forgot (or flat-out didn't see). But just because our circle of friends missed out, that doesn't mean the rest of the world did, too. Even if it seems like no one else remembers, there will always be people on social media to back us up. Looking for a little support, we went online to find the most popular responses regarding this unfortunate situation. In this list, Weird History's readers share the movies they love that no one else recalls.