Weird History Readers Share Who They Think Should Play John Lennon In His Next Biopic

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John Lennon and Beatles fans rejoice: Anthony McCarten, the writer responsible for the hit movie Bohemian Rhapsody, has completed a biopic screenplay about the legendary rockstar. The untitled project is quickly nearing its pre-production stages, spearheaded by Yoko Ono and their son Sean Ono Lennon. Despite having a complete storyline, the decision regarding who should be cast as John Lennon remains undetermined. 

With news of the first-ever biography featuring a Beatle made for the big screen, Ranker and Weird History fans immediately began speculating. Who should play John Lennon? Which Hollywood superstar has the clout and theatrical range to play the musical icon? Should it be someone who has proved themselves worthy by playing Lennon in the past? If an actor looks like John Lennon, should he assume the part? Is it possible that only his son could do the role justice? Or should it be someone we know and recognize from other blockbuster hit movies in recent years? 

This list includes the most popular responses from followers on the Weird History Facebook page. Vote up the actor who you think would make the most convincing John Lennon.