Weird History Readers Share The Worst Things About Their State - And It Wasn't All About The Weather

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Vote up the state “worsts” that are actually pretty relatable.

Wherever someone lives, they're bound to have thoughts about that place. Pros and cons exist pretty much everywhere you end up calling home, right? 

Across the US, each state has its unique characteristics and features - some attributes the people who live there enjoy, others not so much. We wanted to find out the what and why of it all, so we asked people on Facebook who live in the US to name the worst things about their states. 

Folks didn't hold back. While there was a lot of talk about taxes, weather, and bad roads, complaints didn't stop there. (To be fair, there was a lot about the weather….) From the people to the backwardness to the landscape itself, residents of many states had tons to say. Not every state was mentioned by name, but check out those that were and vote up the ones that make you say, “Yeah, that's the worst!”

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    From Tammie M. Bordelon:

    There are too many people who have no respect for nature in Louisiana.

    From Susan Tabler Burnett:

    I live in Louisiana and we get so sick of the good ole boy politics.

    From Tanya Michele:

    Louisiana - crime, drugs, corrupt politicians, mismanagement of state/city funds, bad roads, rusting bridges, yearly increases in flood insurance and homeowners insurance, among the highest in car insurance rates and yearly hurricanes.

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    From Cindy Maier:

    NYC! Everyone who doesn't live in NY thinks NYC is the whole state! NYC is its own entity & should be separate.

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    From Rachel Rutt:

    Georgia. It's hot, muggy, and infested with gnats during the summer. Fall is just as hot plus hurricanes. Winter ...there is no winter and barely a Spring. It's just hot and dangerous, plus the Good ol' Boys.

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    From Nicole Montemaro:

    My entire state is one giant pothole after another. The Parkway is a parking lot April through December. It smells terrible in some places. Oh, and everyone in the rest of the country associates us with a horrific tv show.

    Did you guess NJ? It's NJ....