Weird Nature Unbelievable Footage Of A Whale Breaching Under A Rainbow  

Rebecca High

This unbelievable drone video shows a whale breaching off the coast of San Diego just as a rainbow breaks on the water's reflection.

It gives land lubbers a rare opportunity to see a magnificent bit of nature from an unusual perspective. Breaching is typically what whale-watchers want to see from their boats and tours: when whales come to the surface to breathe and, if you're lucky, put on a show.

As they surface to breathe, whales might roll around once or several times energetically. These movements slightly vary in appearance and purpose depending on the breed of whale. Humpback whales, for example, are probably breaching to communicate something, but scientists also think they may be conveying territorial stances or even just entertaining themselves.

Domenic Biagini, the drone operator, says this is only one of eight whales he saw that day. Watch this amazing video for an inspiring pick-me-up, and marvel at the creatures beneath the sea.