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What The Cast Of ‘American Horror Story’ Thinks Of The Show

Updated December 2, 2019 38.5k views13 items

American Horror Story is one of the longest-running horror series of all time, and fans tune in every season to find out how the show's ever-evolving ensemble cast will fare with each new standalone storyline. AHS is known for its extreme gore, sensuality, decadent set design, and over-the-top costuming, and with each passing season, fans keep coming back for more.

What does the AHS cast think about being part of such a stylized, frantic, and terrifying series? While American Horror Story may require a lot of energy, openness, and creativity from its cast, those who have been interviewed about their experiences attest to the positive attitudes and familial energy on set. In order to bring such an extreme show to life, those involved have to work hard to remain as professional and collaborative as possible.