Graveyard Shift The Chilling Origins Of The Mysterious Black-Eyed Children Will Send Shivers Up Your Spine  

Mick Jacobs

Of all the creepy Texas urban legends, the tale of the black-eyed children extends the furthest, far beyond the borders of the Lone Star state. Since their first sighting in the southern state, black-eyed children began appearing all over the country.

No corner of the country or even the world is safe from the spectre of the creepy kids. Capable of instilling people with inexplicable feelings of unease and dread, black-eyed children approach victims late at night.

Because no matter how cute a kid is in bright daylight, at night there's nothing scarier than an eerily calm child. Stories of black-eyed children all reveal sinister beings who possess powerful methods of persuasion.

But do they exist in real life or do they come from the depths of your own personal fears? It's comforting, of course, to assume these terrible tykes are just a figment of the collective imagination, but if you make such assumptions, you're doing so at your own risk.